It’s Official

I am going to London! Hubby and I have asked for the time off work and started planning our trip for the second week of August. We are ecstatic!

We got our passports a few years back when we planned a ski trip to Canada, but due to hubby’s hectic work schedule back then at his old job, we were forced to cancel it.

I have dreamed of travelling to England since I was a wee child. It grew especially once I fell in love with English Literature from previctorian era in college. It’s my dream to love there on a permanent basis, but I do not know how probable that actually is.

I’ve received tips from some fellow Twitter peeps, and we have a game plan now. More to come on this awesome development as it unfolds.

Comment Questions
1. Where have you always wanted to travel there?
2. Anything that’s a must see in London?
3. Do you think a day trip to Cardiff just for the Doctor Who museum is worth it?