Japan PC, Pen pal, & Note Cards

Today's Haul

Today I received a lovely assortment of things in the mail. I received a beautiful Mermaid postcard(not pictured) inside my pen pal letter from Shar*. I also got a cool postcard from Japan, which has a return address on it, so I will write back to her later today. The last bundle I received was from a note card swap I did on Swap-Bot. I received several little Valentine’s Day note cards and a Harry Potter V-Day card like one the kids use in school. Plus, she included some envelope seals. Overall, today’s haul made up for the lack of anything I’ve received in the mail lately.


First Post!

This is a new blog about things I really like: teas, books, and the nearly lost art of letter writing.

So, I’ve taken my first steps to getting international pen pals. I sent out 5 letters to 4 different countries to women who posted their addresses on  this pen pal search site. I wrote a pretty generic letter, so I hope they respond. I, also, sent one to a fellow American today. I love writing and receiving mail, so I hope this pans out. I am going to blog pictures of each letter I receive as well as send.

I will also share on this blog about my currently exploratory nature with the world of teas.

There will be random book reviews and recommendations. It all depends on what I’m reading. So that’s a blurb about this blog. I will be posting every few days.