My Tea Personality!

I found this frighteningly accurate quiz on another blog I was visiting. I loved how much it got me after just a few questions about my tea habits. I love Earl Grey tea, BTW, but it can make me jittery if I drink more than two cups. Take the quiz and let me know if your results were as accurate as mine.

You Are Earl Grey Tea

Great moments of insight and sensitivity come to you often. You have many epiphanies.
You are very scientific. You like to experiment and pour over research about everything.

You are organized and methodical. You have your own system for doing things, even if it doesn’t make sense to others.
You are interested in many subjects, and your interest isn’t superficial. You dig deep.


Kitty Cat’tastic!

While the blogging 101 task nine required us to get inspired by a comment we wrote on a post, I was struck with the inspiration to write a silly poem. It was a bit of mixed inspirational journey between two comments I left on different posts. The idea to write a poem came from this whimsical poem. The idea to make it about the bundle of fur keeping my toes warm came from this silly list.

She snuggles on my toes

a peaceful spirit who likes to cuddle

Nudges my hand with her nose

and loves to laze in the sun puddle.

She’s a lover of the outside,

Master of seek and hide.

She’ll roll over on command

and a treat she will demand.

For loneliness she’s a remedy

my sweet cat, Melody.

Nakesake from Doctor Who

She’s not a fan of TV

She wouldn’t like it if she knew

But she would forgive me.

Keeper of my secrets

Warmer of the blankets.

There’s no other possibility

It has to be my Melody.

It’s not the best poem I’ve ever written, but it’s not the worst either. She’s also crawling on my keys as I try to finish this post. She is a constant source of inspiration to me. I have written about her many times in my manuscripts, and I talk about her at work. My husband is jealous that I am closer to her. She likes to sit between me and the laptop when I try to blog. It’s too adorable to force her out, so I just try to make due with her there because I love her. Hope you enjoyed this post.

Fluffy Kitty

Comment questions: Does your cat inspire you? How does s/he hinder or enhance your blogging?

I’m a slacker….

I’ve been really slacking in my blogging 101 coursework. Today is also mandatory post Monday for this blog, so I am doing awful at blogging all around today. This week will feature me catching up, so i will be posting more frequently. Enough of this lame introduction. Let’s get to it!

I will soon post a late version of the ninth task: “Get Inspired By the Neighbors.”