Muscatel Darjeeling


This tea is fantastic and high quality, but it is not for me. One might say that it’s not my cup of tea, but it is my tea. Drinking mostly without sugar which did not help the flavor but it brought out the quality of it. I would recommend this to people who like strong black teas that are similar to an early morning breakfast tea. A teaspoon of honey and a splash of milk overpower the tea a bit, but it made it more palatable for me.  Others would have said that I ruined it, but to each their own.


Once upon a time…

….there lived a girl with a phone of glass.
Her life was not easy,
but she dropped it without fail many times.
Her phone had taken its beating enough,
The day of its breaking was upon us.

She went about her day as usual
But the clouds did brew in the sky
As trouble would soon befall her
And her phone screen would shatter.

This day she returns from lunch
Chitting and chatting with friends
Slip once from her hand
Her phone falls to the ground
And the joyful laugher it ends.

Lessons were learned by the girl that day
If she does not get a case, again for a new screen she will pay.

Kittea Catnip

Today as I was at PetCo getting more food for my hungry babies, I saw the most adorable toys for cats. It was catnip inside of tea bags called Kit-Tea. I immediately bought some more my loves. Here‘s a video of them playing with it.


Comment Questions

  1. What’s your recent impulse buy?
  2. Have you seen these kitty teas before?