So many letters!

I’ve received so many letters and mail since I last posted. There have been lots of letters and swaps through my mail lately. It’s been wonderful. Four have been from pen pals, and all the rest are swaps from I especially loved the stamp from my new Canadian pen pal.


First Letter Received

I’ve received my first letter response. It’s from a woman who lives in the United Kingdom. For the purpose of this blog, we will call her Abbey*. I am so excited. We are actually really similar people, and I think we will write many letters in the future. Since it was a first letter, we spoke of simple get to know you things like: books, pets, jobs, and knitting. She’s a better knitter than I am. Her stationery is better than my first letter because I used loose paper or legal pad paper for most of my first letters. I figured why waste the good stuff if I’m not even sure if they’ll respond, yet. I’m so happy because it’s everything I wanted a letter from a pen pal to be. A personal note expressing their life in a way that only a letter can.

I’m going to write her back now. Post about it soon.

* I will change all names of the people I write to and receive mail from. This is for their privacy and mine.