Japan PC, Pen pal, & Note Cards

Today's Haul

Today I received a lovely assortment of things in the mail. I received a beautiful Mermaid postcard(not pictured) inside my pen pal letter from Shar*. I also got a cool postcard from Japan, which has a return address on it, so I will write back to her later today. The last bundle I received was from a note card swap I did on Swap-Bot. I received several little Valentine’s Day note cards and a Harry Potter V-Day card like one the kids use in school. Plus, she included some envelope seals. Overall, today’s haul made up for the lack of anything I’ve received in the mail lately.


Surprise Package

The other day I received a note in my mailbox saying that the postman left a package at the apartment office because it wouldn’t fit in my mailbox. I was excited, but every time I remembered, the office was already closed. Today I got up early and arrive not 15 minutes after they opened to retrieve my package.

It was such a wonderful surprise. It was from a lady on Swap-Bot whom I had issues mailing things to because her address was incorrect. Once it finally arrived, she felt compelled to send me something for all my effort and persistence.

I was not expecting something as awesome as this package. It contained one of my favorite things in the world, a rubber duckie. And it wasn’t just some cheap rubber duckie either. According to the price tag on the bottom, it cost $10. It’s Australian, and it’s unique and super cute.

When she said that she was going to send me something, I never expected a package like this. The rubber duckie wasn’t the only surprise either. There were a pack of fancy envelopes, two note cards with their own envelopes, three sheets of stickers, and two different types of embellishments.

It was a great surprise, and the single best thing I have ever received through the mail.