New Year, New Blog Goals

First things first, happy new year blogfriends! This is my first post of 2016. I did better last year of posting sort of regularly, and I plan to do even better this year. I need to remember not to promise anything after October though because NaNoWriMo and its aftermath leave the remainder of the year a blogging void. I could not even think about a blog post without cringing at attempting to organize my thoughts again after that month of craziness and writing first drafts.

So much has happened in the life of JB. I am finally on a medicine cocktail that works fairly well for my depression and anxiety. That’s a big woohoo. I have also found religion although it is not really a popular one. I have been reading up on Wicca, Paganism, and the Druids. I am interested in practicing some it eventually, but right now, I am just reading books about it to find if it is the correct spiritual path for me. Another year has passed where I am still a person who has not finished reading the Harry Potter series. I am stuck because I do and I don’t want to read the last book. I know somewhat what happens, and I have not been in a place where I am able to handle all the feels I know that book will give me. I have also joined a paranormal investigation team! I’m the marketing and social media director as well as the home base investigator as needed. Basically that means I do the Twitter, Facebook, and website for the group. I also make up flyers if we go to events to bring awareness of our group. And when needed, I will be the person monitoring the team from a secure location watching about 8 monitors and making sure there are no outside influences to skew the results.

Besides all that exciting news, my holidays were good. I cooked chicken lo mein for Christmas dinner for about 5 people including myself. It was nice.

I made a cold raspberry tea for a party with friends, and I will hopefully post about that soon.

Comment Questions
1. Do you believe in ghosts?
2. Have you ever explored non-monotheistic religions? Did you like anything about it and/or convert to any?
3. Did you have any tea surprises over the holidays? (I did not get any teas)


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