A Witch’s Brew on a Rainy October Day

Weary from a difficult journey through the downpouring rain, she kicked off her shoes while a cat weaved between her steps. The welcoming sound of the kettle alarm set to finish upon her arrival almost made the horrid day seem worth it. As she reached to give Binx an appeasing pat, she assured him that his dinner would not be long awaited.

Her chalice rested while beckoning to be refilled. She slinked over to her brewing pot in which she placed some dried plants and herbs. A sprig of this and a spinkle of that. The water boiling all the while. As the concoction brewed, she supplied Binx with his nightly ration and stroked his fur as she had missed the little bugger on her journey. The piquant scent of her brew drifted slowly to her senses enticing her to return to it. She poured a bout of the brew into her chalice and smile for she knew the comfort it would bring.

Carrying it over to her favorite throne, she plopped down into it and sighed of relief as she sipped her freshly brewed tea.


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