Pondering Tea

Each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage.
– Catherine Douzel

This quote came to mind when brewing my tea today. I realized how much I think about the tea when I drink it. I try to identify flavors or scents. I think about where it came from or who gave it to me. I try to imagine the perfect place to drink this specific tea. I imagine whether it would be better cold. I consider whether to write a blog post about it or not. All of this runs through my head and more, and this quote explains it perfectly because there are times when it just takes you away to another land as well.

Comment Questions:

  1. What do you think about when drinking tea?
  2. Is it dangerous to have a mug of tea so close to the laptop with cats running around?
  3. Did this post remind you of a specific tea?

4 thoughts on “Pondering Tea

  1. I love it, I was at my daughters on Saturday and she brings out this big bag of beautiful peach, rose hips and many other wonderful ingredients to share, her mother in law sent it to her, she made iced tea with it for us and it tasted like summer in a glass over ice….yummmm it would of been great potpourri also!!! I we sat there sharing what the tea brought to our minds as we drank it…and any liquid next to any electrical devise would be silly….as I sit here with a cup of coffee next to me as I type this…LOL thanks for helping me remise of a great weekend I just had….

  2. Tea is absolutely a voyage for me, each any every cup. For the most part, they tend to remind me of feelings or seasons, so I cannot help but reminisce about going to say…a county fair or waxing poetic about the Springtime. I think that’s why I love books and tea so much– they have the ability to take me on adventures đŸ™‚

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