I climbed the stairs with confidence

Knowing my fate to come

The note was left on the counter

And I had no inkling to run


No voice inside

Said this is wrong

Once the rope’s set up

It won’t be long


A scream I heard

From down below

A child’s voice

From down the road


She played with friends

Too many to count

But here I am

With no one about


Again she shouts

So to the window I move

She’s playing and shouting

And dancing a groove


Standing on the chair

Her voice gets to me

Swaying my confidence

And causing uncertainty


Held my fate in her hand

A girl I never met

She played outside

I’ll never forget


What she said was not beautiful

Or significant in any way

But all I needed

Was a reason to stay


Her mother brought out cookies

To nibble on and snack

She ask her mom if she could share

With the nice lady in the attic


Her mom jumped

When she saw me up there

Uncertain what to do

I just gave her a stare


That little girl

And her momma too

came to my house

came to my rescue


While the little girl wondered

What was I doing up there

Her mother looked down

And twiddled her hair


Unnerved by my actions

And afraid what I’d say

She smiled at me

And asked if I wanted them to stay


I thanked them

And told them I would be fine

Not to worry

I’ve accepted this sign


Ten years ago that little girl saved me

From making a choice that ends it all

Today she graduates

Boy, has she gotten tall


I’ll never forget that day

And the way her mother feared

Uncertainty ran wild amongst us

But it is no longer weird


I owe my life to them

And their cookies so yum

A simple act

Is not dumb


A girl and her mom

Helping me taught us a lesson

One simple act

Can change your depression


10 thoughts on “Cookies

    • Thank you. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hoped it would show people how easy it is to help someone with depression or anyone going through a hard time in their life. The littlest things make the biggest difference. You don’t need to cure them. Just being there and sitting with someone can help. Thanks again for reading and commenting.

  1. Yes, a simple gesture may make a huge difference in anyone’s life..I love the poem…a lesson worthy for us all, I may never understand someone with anxieties or depression but I do feel sadness and depress because of some situations, but I guess it is really different from someone suffering on this, I hope in a simple gesture or kindness I may do, I also will be able to touch someone else’s life so that he/she will know someone cares and life is really beautiful. Thank you for sharing a wonderful post 🙂

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