Why do I write….

“Any writer worth his salt writes to please himself…It’s a self-exploratory operation that is endless. An exorcism of not necessarily his demon, but of his divine discontent.” – Harper Lee’

I capture emotions in my writing. I trap a moment in history. I release my fears onto the page, and I give a piece of myself to you. That is what writing is to me.

I write because it’s the only way I can think of to experience someone else’s thoughts. When you read a book, you are reading someone else’s mind. It’s a moment shared between you and the author. For that time, someone is experiencing life through you. The writer experiences it through their character. For a few moments, I am able to give my mind over to another personality and let them hold the reins for a while. They get to choose where to go, how to dress, and whom to befriend. It’s the only healthy way to experience multiple personalities. I can become a thief who dreams of robbing Fort Knox and slitting the throat of anyone who gets in my way, but I will not be chastised or ashamed of such thoughts because they are not mine to keep. I am giving them to another. I am letting them experience it as the character does. I want evoke the feelings of each character. I want you to feel the anxiety rise and rise as the moment of the character is expecting to occur to occur. I want you to be in that room with the man pushing himself onto you in your first time. I want you to feel as if you are walking down that dark alleyway with the girl after the late shift at the diner; feel the terror she experiences as the shadows down the way come into clear picture. The fear of seeing no escape. I want you to feel as I do when I am writing. I want readers to feel. That’s why I write. I write to give others the enjoyment and feeling I have with the characters; I write for them. That’s why I write fiction.

Now my blog is a little different. I write it to share and find common links between others and myself. My blog is about not feeling as if I am alone in this world. I want to know that others experience things in a similar way. I have to share my knowledge with them and give them a taste of my life. I want to give them a glimpse into my life and perhaps they want to do the things I do too. On the other hand, perhaps they do not. I want to give others that choice. I want to give them advice. I want to share with them,

It is a pretty basic need and want. I want to share my story with you, and I long to hear your take on it. I want to post comments back and forth with you for hours on end discussing things as if we were old friends. I want to experience my joys and sadness with you. I want to be there for you if I can. Simply put, I want to connect with you and become blogger friends. I want to make a real and true connection. Let’s be friends.

That’s why I write what I write.


5 thoughts on “Why do I write….

  1. You have made a really good point that I haven’t seen anywhere else today. When I was 11 years old, and my English teacher pointed out that in order to write a character’s story you have to become that character, I was already doing that. If he’s not real to you then he’ll be no more than a mannequin to your reader. Often the character becomes independant of you, and takes his own direction. At the same time he lives inside you, and you experience his emotions. It’s exciting and revealing.
    By the time I was thirteen I’d been a polish refugee, an old man who had nothing to live for, a cat, (yawn!) a small child watching fireworks for the first time… So many lives.
    I love your post.

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