The Martian by Andy Weir

The Martian cover photoA while back while I was at the movie theater, I saw the trailer for this book turned movie. I demanded to my husband right then and there that I must read that book before we watch the film. He laughed because I usually say that about all the books turned into movies. The Hunger Games and Gone Girl were one of the only series’ that I actually did it for though. I’m usually the person who watches a movie then decides that I should read the book. I like to think that happens because I did not know that the film was a novel first, but I cannot claim that for all of them.

This one was easy since the film has not hit theaters yet. I decided since it was affordable through my Google Play money earned through the free opinions app that I would buy it as an eBook. It was and probably will be for a long time the only eBook I have ever purchased and read completely on my phone. The only other eBook I have read was the Warm Bodies prequel, The Hunger, and that was because it was not available in the US as anything else at the time, but I did end up purchasing the physical novella when I could get it from a UK site.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It had thrills and mystery and humor. I never knew what would happen to the main character any more than he did it seemed. Mark Watney’s personality makes the book superb. I would recommend this book to anyone anywhere. As I said in my GoodReads review, “This book kept my attention and carefully toed the line between technical and laymens terms. This is a wonderful representation of the modern-day realistic sci-fi genre.”

One of the great things I love about this book is the fact that a person would not have to be a lover of the sci-fi genre to enjoy this. It is a great balance of suspense and personality. As previously stated, I would definitely recommend this book. 5 stars.

Comment Questions:

  1. Feel differently about the book? Why?
  2. What’s another book you feel embodies modern science fiction?
  3. If you have read it, do you want to be friends with Mark Watney (I do!)?

Edit: After seeing the film, the book was way better. They left out a few of my favorite scenes and played down the serious science stuff. 😦 I also fell down the stairs of the movie theater as I was leaving. Still nursing a nasty bruise from it  on my leg but otherwise fine.


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