Things to Do While Your Tea Brews

I promised this post a long while back. It’s time that I make true to my word.

30 things to do while your tea brews :

1. Read a mini book like : “All My Friends Are Dead”

2. Prep your sugar then stare at it for 3 more minutes

3. Look up some cute videos on YouTube.

4. Start a blog post about the tea and add in the flavor and taste aspects later.

5. Prepare the TV or Netflix to watch something once your tea is finished.

6. Decide what to have with your tea.

7. Give your cat/dog a treat.

8. Daydream about how you wish someone would send you more exotic teas.

9. Start the laundry. 😦

10. Visit the loo.

11. Prepare your letter writing supplies for pen pal correspondences.

12. Jot down a grocery list.

13. Test all of your pens to see if they still work and toss the ones that do not.

14. Write a quick PostCrossing postcard.

15. Make your bed.

16. Switch any remaining bills from paper to electronic.

17. Empty the dishwasher.

18. Toss/recycle junk mail.

19. Back-up your cell phone contacts.

20. Delete unwanted/unused apps.

21. Take all the receipts out of your wallet/purse.

22. Pick out the next book to read.

23. Set up your reading space with the book and bookmark; make sure the lighting is good.

24. Make sure all your doors and windows are locked.

25. Take the trash out.

26. Tease your cat with a string.

27. Dance.

28. Look up cute things on Etsy/Jamberry/Pinterest. (Warning: This may cause you to forget about your tea.)

29. Play a game of solitaire.

30. Contemplate the existence of life with tea.


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