Teavana’s Weight-To-Go

This is the tea that started me on the path of expensive teas. I was at the mall with my husband and some of our friends when I saw the Teavana tea shop. I checked it out and ordered a tumbler of the stuff, and I’ve searched for more yummy teas ever since. I prefer loose leaf teas, but I am starting to recognize the advantages of tea bags.

However, since I first tried it, it has been a favorite. They recently changed the formula for it but not the price, and I’ve found a new favorite, so this is most likely my last batch of it. The more I drink Teavana and its competitors the less I like Teavana, despite their advantage of having a physical store that I can go to and smell/sample the teas.

It tastes better when you use twice as much tea as recommended. It is light and fruity.  You can taste strawberries and rosehips with a slight ting of spearmint


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