Thoughts of a letter writer

This is just a few things that float through my head when writing letters. Feel free to add any of yours in the comment section. I may compile another list if I get enough.

– Write me back
– Gosh, I hope that ink I got on the stamp won’t make the post office think it’s already been postmarked
– Please don’t be overweight
– Ok, so if I send this tomorrow, it should get there by Wednesday
– Please write me back
– Not sure what is more disappointing, not receiving mail on Saturday or Monday
– Definitely Saturday
– I can’t believe she didn’t send Thank You Notes for that
– Definitely Monday
– How can you forget the Thank You Cards?
– How old is my nephew again?
– I sent a father’s day card to everyone except my dad. Great.
– Quadruple checking addresses and stamps
– Will they like what I am sending?
– Will she notice the awesome stamp I picked out just for her?
– No post on Sunday


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