Grandpa wrote to me



Today, I received a thank you note from my husband’s grandpa. He knows I love Regency and Victorian era novels, so he told me about how he watched “Mansfield House(Mansfield Park)” and that it’s by my favorite author Jane Eyre (Jane Austen) . His mistakes were so cute I had to share them. He then asked to know everything about her life and novels, which I would be happy to relate to him. I mean, you don’t take a class on an author if you never want to talk about her.

It was adorable, so I felt compelled to share. But I’m writing him back right now. I’m also enjoying a cup of Teavana’s Golden Mojito flavored white tea. It has a light flavor with a hint of spearmint. I’m not into Teavana teas as much as I used to be. But this one is nice. It’s really pricey, though, and I doubt if I will ever buy it again once it’s gone because I can nearly replicate it with a combination of cheaper loose leaf teas.

Here’s a picture of my card I’m sending back to grandpa and my tea with Teavana’s German Rock Sugar in it.



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